Living for tomorrow

Living for tomorrow means managing our todays in order to have better tomorrows. With a chronic illness, we expect to have bad days sometimes and these are the days that we must decide to live for tomorrow.

When I have a bad flare day, I try to do all I can to reduce that flare. My main goal on these days is to rest! I forget about the housework – that can wait. I do the bare minimum just to get through the day. Somedays, we have plans and don’t have a choice but to push through but if these plans can be rearranged or canceled then I will. Furthermore, I make hydration a priority. I know when we are feeling rubbish we can forget to drink but this will just prolong or even bring on another flare. I love to have a long hot bath with Epsom salts, then rub on a CBD balm and I use ice or heat packs though out the day. I also take CBD orally. I do try to go for a short walk as well – I definitely find that sometimes moving my body helps, although I know this is much easier said than done! Most importantly – I remind myself that it is ok to rest and that I am not a burden.

The CBD I use is from ThoughtCloud ( affiliated) – use discount girlwithfibro for money off all purchases

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