Overcoming the ‘This is it for the rest of my life’ mentality, whilst living with a chronic illness.

Having to give up my job due to my chronic illness was a major turning point for me. I had arrived at a cross-roads with two totally different paths ahead and I needed to choose which one to follow. When first got to that point, my initial thoughts were understandably bleak. I thought to myself ‘Okay, this is it now – I have to stay in bed everyday and do the bare minimum to make my condition manageable’. And I did this for a few years – just going out for doctors appointments, small errands and every now and then to see my friends. 

When I look back at that time in my life – it just seems so dark to me and a million miles from where I am now. That isn’t because so much has changed entirely – I generally still take the same day-day approach focused on resting up  and taking it slow. The biggest shift is in my mindset. I struggled to look at life positively and was focused only on how much it sucks! These days, however, I  Instead remind myself that it is ok to live this way, and there will be better days ahead if I keep trying and finding new ways to help myself both mentally and physically. In essence, I was able to think more positively about what the future could hold. This tiny shift in attitude was personally very uplifting for me.

I can’t work due to my health but instead of using that as a reason to call myself useless, I see my life as my job. It’s my job to take care of myself, my partner, my home and my pets. I am useful – I clean and I cook and I occasionally have the odd joke. I have hobbies that I can fill my day with. I don’t need to work at a specific job to be worthy; and I can instead find purpose in being the best possible version of myself that I can be.

So I was wrong! When I became ill, in fact no that was not it for the rest of my life. This was a new journey and a challenge to adapt to a new way of living. This is the time where I have to really find the strength inside myself to carry on living, even if living is a little different than it was before. There is still amazing things to come, I can still do things that are fun. I don’t just have to ‘exist’.

Once you give up and tell yourself ‘Well this is it, I’m f*cked’ – that is when you will become stuck in a rut and your body will become more prone to giving in. Changing your mind set and making a small shift in attitude can really push you to actually live your life despite chronic illness. I’m speaking from experience!


  1. Thank you. So much. You are such an incredible person with love just radiating from you. Every time I have interacted with you on IG you have been supportive and a shining light. All of us who are experiencing the same life altering health changes truly appreciate it when someone comes out and shares their warrior story- because that is what we are. Warriors. You are an amazing woman. Sending you so much love. Xoxo


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