Why do people unfollow you on Instagram ?

When you start doing Instagram and building a following, you really feel like you’ve accomplished something and you feel great! But when you begin to see your followers drop off, you might begin to question why that’s happening. Did I do something wrong? Don’t people like me anymore? The reality is there are loads of reasons. Let’s take a look:

  1. They only followed you for a follow back. After you follow them, they immediately unfollow. Alternatively, if you don’t follow them they will also unfollow you. These people aren’t real followers!
  2. Maybe you’ve changed, and this isn’t a bad thing. We all change. For example, I started my page when I was first diagnosed and I have gone from feeling like I was lost, into someone who is trying to thrive. Sometimes people don’t like this as it exposes their own short coming or makes them feel as if they’re failing. Therefore, they unfollow or maybe they just don’t vibe with the new you.
  3. You’re being too negative or too positive. Some people hate seeing constant negativity and people also hate seeing toxic positivity. Myself included! If someone is constantly complaining, I find that messes with my mindset and that’s an unfollow from me. But on the other hand, pushing constant toxic as often insincere positivity like ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and ‘I’m so grateful for struggles’ – these just grind my gears and that will be an unfollow too.
  4. You’re doing brand deals, and people accuse you of selling out. I obviously disagree with this – if you are growing as an influencer then you will attract brand deals. Hopefully, these brand deals will be things which you can truly endorse as products/services which will benefit your followers and that you believe in. On the other hand, if you find yourself saying yes to every single opportunity that comes your way – it runs the risk of coming across as though you’ll post anything if the price is right and naturally, this turns people off and they’ll likely unfollow you. Some people can think you taking a brand deal is selling out. Be genuine and only work with brands you genuinely like and space out brand deals across your page. Also, don’t just take something for the sake of it and be honest if you were gifted or paid.
  5. They find your content triggering. Anything can trigger someone. You may not mean to and your post may not be triggering to most people. It could be something simple like showing off something you have that they want or have recently lost. People are going through sh*t and sometimes they don’t need to see certain things. If you are posting something triggering be sure to put a trigger warning first.
  6. You are in their least interacted list. Everyone on Instagram has a least interacted list and every now and then people unfollow from there. Myself included!Sometimes, if you don’t interact with someone you just unfollow.
  7. They had different expectations of your content. Personally, I sometimes follow someone because their bio describes chronic illness content, but they actually post nothing related to that topic. This means people might be following you for content which you have no intention of posting and therefore, they unfollow.
  8. You could have offended them. If you have a page that can be a little controversial, people may get offended. I talk about how to overcome the struggles related to chronic illness and about mindset; and some people have different opinions and get mega offended as they feel personally attacked. Not everyone will want to listen to your advice and often confuse positivity for toxic positivity.
  9. You changed your user name. Someone may see a new name and not remember following you and then unfollow, not knowing it is actually you. Sometimes, even if you change your display picture people may get confused and unfollow.
  10. They find you boring (ouch!) Maybe they just don’t like your content anymore, maybe you’re posting the same stuff over and over again, who knows!

At the end of the day, you are not always going to be everyone’s cup of tea. People get bored easily, people get jealous, people sometimes lose interest in your content and it’s just the way things go. Just remember to always be you, do what is best for you, be kind and don’t let an unfollow get you down. I know at times it can hurt as you might have interacted with that follower a lot and even shared their content and shouted them out – it has happened to me several times, but these things happen on Instagram and just like in real life, people come and go. Don’t let it get you down and keep doing you boo!

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