Can you truly be happy in pain ?

I asked myself how can I ever be happy whilst having such constant chronic pain? Well firstly, chronic pain hurts so it can be easy to let it overtake your life and strip you off happiness, but fortunately I have other things to be happy about.

Honestly, my pain is always there but it doesn’t bother me too much anymore unless I’m flaring. I don’t know if thats because I’ve become so used to it, or if I’ve somehow subconsciously chosen to ignore it, but truthfully speaking – everything changed when I decided there was more to life than my pain, and I discovered so many other things to distract myself so I began to feel that I could push through.

Pushing through doesn’t always mean to do a task despite the pain. Pushing through could mean to not break down everyday because of the pain you’re in. At that moment, you may feel like breaking down and stressing out but this will just result in more pain until you are going through an endless cycle of pain, breakdown, pain, repeat. Instead of that – I accept the pain for what it is and focus only what ever I can to reduce it. I focus on what I can control.

Believe it or not, there can be ways to reduce pain, at least this is true for myself. I am going to say those annoying things that we hate hearing – but the things which help me are diet, exercise and mindset. I know, you’re probably thinking I sound like every annoying doctor that says this ‘crap’. But the fact is these things do help me!! Lots of foods we consume can cause inflammation, and being inactive can cause more pain. Being negative can cause you to become stuck in a cycle.

So in conclusion, I am happy despite my pain, but I allow myself to be sad at times. The key is that I must not stay in that place for too long and I must be proactive in managing my own symptoms and my controlling my mindset. Happiness is found within, even though your malfunctioning body is a core reason that you might be feeling sad and frustrated. It’s as if the mind and body are in a constant battle – it’s up to you to make them harmonize for your benefit.

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