Fibromyalgia and Alcohol

This is a tricky one. Alcohol can flare up my fibromyalgia, but not drinking alcohol can seclude me socially. I think it’s such a shame that literally every social event revolves around alcohol. Theres always pressure to drink and if you’re choosing not to – people ask “oh why do you not drink?” like its some bizarre, unimaginable thing to do. I did not drink alcohol for years when I was on lots of medication, it’s only since I’ve been off of the meds that I can have a few drinks every now and then.

If I have more than a few glasses of wine I will have an awful hangover and it’s just not worth it at all, so a few drinks is enough for me. I am not a huge, regular drinker and you will never catch me doing shots in a club like I did 10 years ago but I do enjoy a few every now and then. I have had to learn my limits and listen to my body. I have also learnt it is ok to not get drunk like everyone else and I don’t need to in order to have a good time. Best of all – it’s great to wake up without a hangover. Most days I wake up not feeling too great so adding a hangover on top of that is just so unnecessary.

So to the question “Do I drink alcohol?” Yes I do but not often and only a few. Why? Because I enjoy a drink but not enough to have an awful hangover. Hangovers cause me to have extreme sickness and anxiety and I hate feeling that way, so when someone says ‘oh come on have another’ I must politely decline because it is really really really not worth it!

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  1. I’d avoid any event or people where I’d feel pressured to drink. Definitely not cool.

    I do drink but have attended many events and gatherings where club soda was my preference…and I was okay with that.

    Hangovers are tricky. My sis can get one after only having one drink but another will do shots and not get one. I haven’t had one in years…unless you count medication hangovers then I could write a book. 😄


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